He might look like a doge you’ve met before, but this guy is ready for the future of the web and sporting a totally rad pair of cyber-shades.

As a token on the next generation Solana blockchain, SolDoge is a cryptocurrency that moves at high speeds with low fees.

He's eco-friendly too, with dramatically lower energy costs per transaction when compared to memecoins running on last gen proof of work-based blockchains.

As a spiritual successor to Dogecoin, the grandfather of crypto memes, SolDoge aims to be a project of the people, where the community is in the driver’s seat.

Unlike other memecoins on Solana, 100% of all SDOGE that will ever exist were launched into circulation on day one, following a fair and public sale. With no founding core team, all organizing, developing, and building for SolDoge is done by the community.


Total (Fixed) Supply: 10,000,000,000 SDOGE
Distribution as of 09/2021:

89.5% Public Sale

10.5% SolDoge Community Team (Donated)

In April 2021, 100% of the SDOGE token supply was offered in a fair, stealth launch sale on the Serum DEX at the lowest possible price (0.000001 USDC).

SDOGE on Solana Explorer

No pre-sale, no lockups, no burns, all power granted to the community.

After launch, given the absence of a traditional core dev team funded by token reserves, the early SolDoge community decided to self-organize, pooling a generous sum of tokens to seed its own project team that could fund and execute on ecosystem- and community-building initiatives and offer rewards to the most loyal and engaged holders and builders.

Going forward, the SolDoge Community Team aims to...

Do you have any proposals? Let's build together! [email protected]


Want to rep your SDOGE on social media?

Let everyone know you’re a part of the team by throwing the official pair of cyber shades onto your profile picture using your image editor of choice.

Keep an eye on this section for new ways to engage with the SolDoge ecosystem! Thank you!


Feeling generous?

Without generous donations from the community, The SolDoge Community Team wouldn’t exist, and prior community initiatives (including this website, the community social channels, and airdrops) would never have happened.

100% of all donations go to the SolDoge Community Team fund.